A Georgia Southern Mystery



The legend of the Georgia Southern University football program  began in the early 80’s when long time UGa defensive coordinator Erk Russell was has hired to build a team from scratch.  Not long after the start of the program Erk Russell won his first I-AA title in 1985.  What makes this story so remarkable was Russell’s ability to not on to start but to build success on a shoe string budget.  As this Wiki puts it:

When the program was revived in 1982, the school did not have a large budget and coach Erk Russell ordered solid blue helmets and asked the players to put a white strip of tape down the middle. The uniforms consisted of plain white pants and blue jerseys without names. [5] With the subsequent success of the Eagles, the basic simple design of the uniforms has remained the same.


That was until this guy showed up and started mucking with time honored tradition.  In 2006 this was changed to this, but was later changed back to this once this guy took another job or should I say jobs.  Yet what I did not know is that for at least one game,  the GSU helmet did not have numbers.  This picture is pretty early in GSU history. I  can maike out a center stripe but no numbers.  Not much info on this and I don’t have a clue who they are playing against but if you know drop me at note at helmetarchive(at symbol)gmail dot com or leave a comment.