A Defenite Article

36It’s not unusual for colleges to copy from one another.  For example this is not Wisconsin it’s Wingate University, and this is not the University of Georgia it’s Guilford College.  However it’s rare for two colleges within the same conference to share similar designs, but it happened in the Southern Conference between 1983 thru 1986.

This is Bob Waters the beloved head coach of the Western Carolina Catamounts from 1969 through 1988.  For the first couple of years of the Waters’ era looked like this but in 1973 Western used a script decal that looked like this which eventually evolved into this.

Six years later Tom “TK” Moore, was beginning his head coaching career at Gardner-Webb in 1979 and brought with him a new helmet designDo you see the resemblance? I suppose this was not that big deal since Western Carolina was a NCAA D I-AA program and Gardner-Webb was in NAIA at the time.  That was until TK got a new gig.

When Coach Moore left Gardner-Webb in 1982 to take taker over the coaching duties at his Alma Mater, The Citadel, he decided to take his script logo with him.  So from 1983 until 1986 The Citadel had The Dogs displayed on the side of their lids.  (That’s a lot of definite articles.) Which led to this bit of awesomeness,  A Southern Conference battle between The Dogs of The Citadel and  The Cats of Western Carolina.   I hope one day have a better picture from one of the 4 matchups between the two schools, something like this, but until that time what I have is pretty good.