Newberry College Spotlight


The cliché goes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and if you believe that then I crown Newberry College the “King of Flattery.” Newberry College in South Carolina formally known as the Indians, currently exist without a mascot/nickname. This would be an excellent opportunity for Newberry to create a unique identity. Perhaps they should be called the Mimics. Like many smaller colleges Newberry has “imitated” several football teams over the years.


This is their tribute the Kansas City Chiefs, and so is this.

They are quite fond of the Florida State spear, though it could be said that FSU is fond of the Redskins.

The University of North Carolina is not the only NC in the world you know?

Northwestern could not have been happy about this.

I wonder if Woody Hayes knew about this?

Even Newberry’s current helmet looks a little familiar.

One design (to my knowledge) that is not a copycat is this helmet from 1982. I would love to have a larger more detailed photo of this. I consider this the most unusual helmet in my collection. If you look closely there appears to be a hand coming from the facemask to make it appear that the Chief is yelling. I have never seen anything like that before.  I wonder why it only lasted for one season?