A Little Pomp for Friday



Slightly off topic today, but my interest in helmets probably has to do with old logos than say just protective head gear. I think college seals would fall into the logo category. Regardless, when this catalog arrived at work the other day, I was pretty excited. The catalog is from the Medallic Art Company LTD and according to their website they craft many of the most important medals and awards in the United States
as well as work for academia.

I have often seen many of these kinds of chains around the necks of College presidents before, but I never gave much thought to where these types of things came from. Now I know. As you can see there are plenty of options available when you are choosing a chain of office , a mace or macette. Now I know that you’re think that the chains look way too uncomfortable but that is where you are wrong. I’m thinking the blog could use a mace.

Don’t want to leave you without any helmet info so here is an illustration of a North Greenville College helmet, with a portion of their school seal as their helmet decal. Have a great weekend I should post something on Monday.