I have a new links page thanks to the fine folks at Delicious.

The Clemson page features new templates including a “duck bill” helmet, helmets from the 40’s and 50’s, and a new leather helmet. The new templates are an attempt to chronicle helmet designs earlier than 1960, (knock on compressed fiberboard).


I have also made a slight change to Clemson’s helmet from 1970. Clemson introduced the “Tiger Paw” during the 1970 season. On promotional material and merchandise the paw has not changed dramatically, however, the paw on this helmet looks significantly less detailed than the traditional paw. I am clueless as to why. By 1971 the paw appears to take the appearance that everyone is accustomed to. The Tiger Paw used for my 1970 illustration was created by tracing around a traditional Paw being careful to not trace too many of the intricate details.

Clemson University. Taps. Clemson, S.C.: Clemson University, 1972.